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Hans the Chocolate Pioneer

Hans came upon chocolate whilst living in Jamaica, let Hans describe this experience:

"Chocolate is here us'd by all People, at all times, but chiefly in the morning; it seems by it's oiliness chiefly to be nourishing and by the eggs mixt with it to be render'd more so. The Custom, and very common usage of drinking it came to us from the Spaniards, although ours here is plain, without Spice. I found it in great quantities, nauseous, and hard of digestion, which I suppose came from the great oiliness, and therefore I was very unwilling to allow weak Stomachs the use of it, though children and Infants drink it here as commonly as in England they feed on milk .."

Hans set about finding other ways to consume chocolate as a drink. He finally decided on mixing it with milk. He developed the recipe and this was manufactured and sold by Nicholas Sanders. Then William White of Greek Street Soho sold it in his White's Chocolate House. So Sir Hans Sloane's Milk Chocolate was launched. The same recipe was later used by the Cadbury brothers for over 35 years.

Here is the label used for Hans' drinking chocolate:

Amazing how a Medic and Botanist becomes a Chocolate Pioneer and a bit of an Entrepreneur.

Hans the Adventurer

Alexander his father was Scottish, Sarah his mother English and he was brought up in Killyleagh in Northern Ireland. He studied in London, Paris and Montpellier. Then traveled with the Duke of Ablemare to the Caribbean initially on a trip funded by the King to find some Spanish gold. After visiting Madeira, Barbados,Dominica, Guadalupe,Montserrat, Nieves and finally Jamaica. All through his trip he writes about the sea and bird life he encounters. In Jamaica he travels the island collecting plant samples

Hans the Collector

Hans collected lots of samples of plants and animals which he shipped back to England unfortunately the animals did not survive the journey. However the plant samples started his collection His final collection was made up of 50,000 books, 347 volumes of Drawings, 3516 of manuscripts, 32000 coins, 12506 Vegetables, 5439 Insects, 1555 fishes, 1172 birds and many more items.

Hans the Benefactor

If go into the British Museum, Natural History Museum, Royal Society, Royal College of Physicans, Chelsea Physic Garden or British Library look out for a statue or bust of Hans as he bequeathed his whole collection to the state and many of these institutions had Hans as their founding father or President. By the way the state had to pay his daughters £10,000 each as part of the deal.

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